About the Artist

Aubrey Jesersky explains his work: “My work concentrates mainly around the human figure as symbol to illustrate humankind’s physical beauty and spiritual-creative energy while recognising the presence of undesirable aspects as well. I am endlessly fascinated by the beauty and meaning that can be expressed visually by the human face and body. In my expressions I realise and become the artist that I am with a voice that continues to speak to you. A dialogue, a conversation, begins. It is something sensual, a dance of sorts, and I want to open a door of possibility to be moved, and to move others. For me art is a mode for unrestrained expressions. I am a digital fine artist using digital technology as an essential part of my creative and presentation process in the production of art. I make use of many different sources of electronic information and programs to create my unique work. These works are created in a similar fashion to non-digital paintings except that I use software programs on a computer and digitally output the resulting image as painted on any print media. My paintings are created in a stroke-by-stroke, brush-in-hand fashion, except that the canvas and painting tools are digital and I use painting techniques to create the digital painting directly on my computer.”